The more specific the testimonials are in your sales letter the better it is. Your prospective buyers want to know how your other buyers have benefited from using your products and services.

“Even after a quick read, I have discovered many valuable amazing concepts that I can try it on my own work…”

This type of testimonials speaks volume for your business right up front. Testimonials that mention results helped built trusts and reputation on your product and services.

Do not try to put up testimonials throwing praises about you. Don’t be fooled that people will buy from you because of your name or reputation. People buy your product not you. Your prospects are more interested to know how your product will bring results to them that would enable them to solve their own problems.

“With step-by-step instructions, helpful links, and encouragement, and valuable articles that I can use really helped me gain an understanding and kick-start my Internet marketing business…”

Testimonial like this is like a gem. People reading your sales letter would be convinced that your product really works and wish they would have it too. A testimonial that hit the “sore” points of your prospect’s problems and weaknesses would help you to get top score marks from them. These prospects will keep a mental note that this is the product that will be suitable for their needs.

“Where else could you get a guru by your side for this price?” 

Weave your testimonials throughout your sales letter to strengthen your core benefits and possibly to eradicate any form of objections along the way. Use them freely wherever you can to support your product’s claims and what you have promises in your headline and what you have say in your first paragraph in your sales letter.

Never fake a testimonial. If you are just starting out and if this is your new product, and you don’t have any prior track records, you might not have any testimonials. People will understand but do not try to squeeze a makeup testimonial for people will know if does not sound natural.

“It gives you everything you need to know without having to learn it the hard way on your own with trial and error. It really saves time…”

Ask for testimonials or endorsements from your satisfied customers or ask an expert of your same niche to endorse your products. They are able to give their comments and testimonial as there are able to appreciate what your product is all about.

Testimonials are the most powerful tools available in your marketing effort. They are essential for your business success and it will bring trusts and reputation to you and your products and services.




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