Have you ever felt like you’re always on the tail-end of a great opportunity?  You are not alone because many of us often feel like we are “a day late and a dollar short.”  Well, rest at ease because you are just in time for a great bargain in the South Carolina real estate market. This article will explain why conditions are ripe for you to cash in on a real estate goldmine!

Keep reading and you will discover why purchasing property in South Carolina is one of the smartest financial decisions you will ever make.

One key aspect of the Carolina Housing market is its great stability. In the midst of the nation’s housing crisis, housing values in this region were only slightly affected.  You can rest assured that you will not purchase property only to have it drop in value by 20%. This should help you to realize that purchasing property in Upstate South Carolina, in particular, is a very sound investment. 

Another highlight of South Carolina realty is the great inventory of homes available in the upstate area. You can literally pick any home in any setting you want.  Do you want a nice family-friendly subdivision with all the amenities? Would you prefer a charming historic downtown home?  Do you want a home with a lot of acreage?  Any kind of real estate setting you could want is available in bountiful supply.

The third, and perhaps most compelling, reason to consider purchasing property in this area is the very low cost property.  Are you looking for a real bargain?  You can purchase a lot more home for your dollar in South Carolina than you can almost anywhere in the country. The average home price in SC is $ 177,000 and the median property taxes are 1/3 of our national average!

To sweeten the deal, the cost of living in South Carolina is very low as well.  So picture this. After moving to the Carolinas and purchasing a whole lot of home for a relatively small amount of money, you can still carry on your day to day living without feeling strapped for cash.

Want to upgrade your lifestyle? It may mean moving “down South.” I have literally seen people move from other areas of the country, whether from out west or from up north, and after selling their homes, they live like absolute royalty in South Carolina!

If the discussion so far has not been enough to motivate you, consider the timing of the nation’s ultra-low mortgage interest rates. Interest rates are at the lowest point in the country’s history since the 1960’s! The timing could not be better.

Combine all these factors together and you have an opportunity that you literally can not afford to miss. All the cards are in your favor, if you are willing to act. I do not want you to look back in regret over missing out on a great opportunity.  So whether you are a first-time home buyer, a retiree, or just someone interested in a change of scenery, start your investigation into South Carolina Realty today!

You will be surprised at how much further your money will go in South Carolina! For FREE, informative resources on South Carolina Real Estate, visit http://www.livingingreenville.com.

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