If you are running online ventures, you must know what are being said about you over the web. Whether it’s your competitors, your customers or ex-employees, everyone has something to say about your products and services. Web 2.0 offers a number of technologies including blogs, videos and RSS feeds that have enabled viewers to extend their reviews and feedback about the things.

For online business owners, it’s very crucial to listening people irrespective of the nature of publicity they establish. Whether the said terms are prompting negative image or positive for your business, take it as the brand perception and a tool to improve your business bottom line.

Emerging era of brand reputation management: If internet marketing experts are to be believed, brand reputation management is a process where big brands take initiatives and participate actively to improve the perception of viewers about products and services. It’s evident that one can’t control everything said about his brand and business over the web. Listening and participating in the conversation actively with critics and fans can help you manage your brand better.

Impact on brand awareness and associated perceptions: In the stiff competitive internet marketing business place, perception is the end reality that every business house endorses in some manner. Perception is pretty instant. For instance, if someone explores a search engine to get your brand, he finds several links redirecting to your brand. How will you react if you find all the links are portraying videos, images and text that talk about the bad experience of some user? Instant perception is always lasting with some exceptions.

Impact on overall sale and revenue generation strategies: Bad mouth perception affects a brand with reduced sales, revenue and credibility. You won’t purchase a single item from a website where most of the reviews are about the poor customer service, bad services and late delivery of the solutions. Rather, you will search little longer for another internet marketing firm that has good reviews about the services and offerings.

Impact on investor relation: Brand reputation management creates big impact on the company-investor relationship. Investors search for unbiased financial data and position of the company before investing, buying and holding any authority in the organization. A positive or negative review, discussion, feedback about the organization helps investors to hold a good or bad perspective about the company.

Increasing volume of consumer generated media in the internet marketing place is creating ordeal for organizations. They find it really daunting to manage their brand reputation in such strategic environment, thus searching for some defined tools and plans to revamp their brand reputation.

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