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I enjoy the finer things in life, can I say fabulous. I enjoy these things because I appreciate the concept of marketing. Marketing is integral to every business and any entity, person, thing that can incorporate basic marketing concepts will be successful. I studied marketing in university and this is an area that I am … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Nowadays, small businesses are facing problem in Federal Government Contracting. In absence of the proper assistance of experts in the field it can also be unsafe to a small companies fiscal prosperity; however, the risk is worth the rewards!! Below the 5% of the businesses in the United States are involved in doing business with … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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A website is your most potent marketing tool. For people around the world it serves as your organization’s advertisement tool as well as mouthpiece. Good business web design adds stars to your brand value and lifts you up from the crowd. It separates you from the ordinary and takes you up to the league of … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Who are you? That should be the first thing you ask yourself before you embark on any business enterprise, but particularly before you launch an Internet marketing business. The answer to the question of who you are will form the underpinnings of your brand. This in turn is arguably the most important element of marketing … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Why do we have to leave the reputation of the brand? For me, not mutually exclusive. Much of what I teach is to establish itself as a provider of value, where his reputation is part of your brand identity. People who visit is essential not to lose their jobs – they make their own way. … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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There are a wide variety of reputation needs and remedies. Below is a list of common solutions utilized by businesses that have had their reputation, image and good name attacked? Reputation Repair: This could include negative press, reviews, blogs, press releases and news. Solutions would include either completely removing the negative item or pushing it … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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If you are running online ventures, you must know what are being said about you over the web. Whether it’s your competitors, your customers or ex-employees, everyone has something to say about your products and services. Web 2.0 offers a number of technologies including blogs, videos and RSS feeds that have enabled viewers to extend … READ FULL ARTICLE »