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Nowadays, anyone can write anything about you or your company. Having a proactive online reputation management strategy can prevent problems before they occur. Even if your brand or image has already suffered from negative publicity due to malicious attacks from competitors, a disgruntled employee, or even a vindictive customer, all is not lost. You can … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Corporate reputation management involves the production and management of a good image. A fresh reputation could be produced at a business’ launch, when a brand new management team takes over, when the business draws in fresh investment or if the company chooses to reposition itself within the industry. It isn’t normally sufficient to possess a … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Developing reputation, both offline and online, need many years of work and also huge amounts of money. It might be rationalized to say that standing administration is very important to the organization. Your current brand name is just not immune to responses (positive, fairly neutral or even unfavorable) inside the community site. People enjoy the … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Many companies have learnt the hard way that negative publicity especially the online one if left unattended causes serious setback to not only the overall profits of the company but also its reputation that has been built over the years. However, another fact remains that it is nearly impossible to prevent people from criticizing or … READ FULL ARTICLE »