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In Part 1 (Do Speakers Need a Reputation Czar?) I pointed out that many high-profile speakers end up looking bad because their personal staff and public relation advisers fail to make sure the speaker is ready for “prime time.” Consider this. You’re the CEO of General Motors. You have in-house PR staff. You have outside … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Walk into a commercial establishment and there can be little more off putting than seeing sloppy counters. One feels tempted to offer cleanliness tips or at least suggestions on where to source commercial vacuum cleaners UK. If you run such an establishment, it can be disastrous for more reasons than one. In case of an … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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  The thought of social media monitoring can be very daunting. Once you have taken steps to monitor, you will have to react to customers who have found a voice since the advent and rise of social media. This voice of customers have a huge impact on organizations. Earlier a dissatisfied client would share his … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Every company and industry needs to meet the regulatory guidelines for network security. Sensitive data, programs and many confidential files are transmitted and stored on the network directories and servers. Breach in the network security will follow to legal notice and embarrassment in front of the clients and in market. Orlando based managed IT services … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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  There are several factors that go into determining exactly how detrimental negative reviews are, and they’re largely tied up with how the post or message is communicated, as well as the type of content that it contains. Each business has its own model for dealing with feedback, but with some types of feedback it … READ FULL ARTICLE »